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Aug 21, 2005
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watching dbox tonight itv - box jammed at 9.50pm, switched box off and back on and get error no channels message; i have tried to reflash the box but no avail.

i tried the new image the box found 35 transponders but no channels.
when i switch the box on, and the lcd comes up with image it also sounds like a cage of budgies inside my box.

has anyone any ideas.


u got a buggies m8, try liam new enigma from the download section, i think its great for buggies have it on 2 of my boxes and its been over 48 hrs now and no buggies before that my box would start chirping within five mins of switching it on then all channel lost (channel not available).
i have tried the new egimna image, still get the budgies or squeals on startup and then this disappears, tried doing an automatic scan, when scanning it looks as if it is finding the transponders it gets to about 190, and when finished it says found 1 new transponder and no new services,

am i doing this right, as this is a difference service scan page.
or is it my tuner could be faulty?


have u tried scaning both symbol 6887 and 6952 then u have to add the services to the bouquet ,when the scan is finish u should see unknown services appear press ok then red u should see all service select any channel press ok all channel is now available.
i have tried to scan 6952 this is for telepest. i had channels last night until 9.50 box froze and then jammed up, switched off and back on and (error - no channels found), have tried egnima image and reinstalled sportster 301105 and tried to do a new scan, found 35 transponders and no channels. it usually finds about 150 - 160 transponders.
yes fast scan turned off - i have flashed boxes before and everything i do is okay just picking up 35 transponders and no channels.

my ber was 1433, snr 10312, sig 62752 before i took the feed off and now it is ber over 4000, snr 9808, sig 62752.

it looks as if telepest might be up to something. or maybe my tuner.

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this does not make a difference, snr is quite low which makes me think telepest are up to something.