Losing speed somewhere... but where??


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Jan 16, 2007
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Hello again peeps. can anyone help me find where im losing some speed???

i have an ambit 200 flashed with sigma x2 and have forced me a 10meg config. speedtest.net shows some ace results between 8000 and 9782kbps. sweet.

however these results are only achieved through a direct ethernet connection. I have a wireless setup tho so i connect ambit to wifi router. through a wireless connection speedtest.net now reports 3689kbps. only half :(

any ideas of where im losing speed?

wifi router is Asus WL-500g
with belkin 54g pci card
signal strength: excellent

thanks for any help ANYONE can provide.

i did search for a while on this matter, but no joy, however i may have missed some stuff. if that's the case, just point me in the right direction. thanks

i have conected a pc directly to router and turned firewall off and im gettin fast speeds, yet the wireless machine is still a lot slower. any suggestions on options i can tweak?? thanks again.
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You always lose speed going through a router aint know why but i had the same problem.
had cracking speeds direct to my commy but as soon as i put it through a router same speeds as you mate.

all i can suggest id to pipe it direct to your commy
Duplex setting is on auto-negotiation, so ill try all the seperate ones individually, and see if it makes any difference.

when my comp is connected to router (not modem) via lan port, i get super speeds again. so its the wifi settings either on router or comps surely??
i dont know.... ill update if i get results.

Thanks anyway chaps.
wifi is a lot slower, i only got 4 meg with a 10 meg connection wireless, i bought a better router one of those mimo ones and i get 8 meg wireless, 10 meg wired.

another thing that can slow you down is the antivirus you use, i use kaspersky and it was mega slow with everything running on it, turned a few of the options off and the speed went up so check that aswell.

speed still wasnt really good though even with options turned off but better, the new top end router solved mine. 8 meg wireless cant go wrong.