Looking for a decent home insurance.


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Aug 24, 2003
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I am looking for a decent Buildings and Contents insurer.

We used to pay £28/month for Contents alone with Halifax. Only thing we never needed to claim anything.

Then when we brought our house we moved Contents along with Buildings to Legal and General. This was about £28/month for the two.

Sods law anyway, a couple of weeks after buying the house we had a problem with our boiler. We rang the insurance and they came out and stopped it from leaking but that was it. They wouldn't replace the faulty part as it was down to general wear and tear. So we then took out seperate insurance with Powergen for our central heating. Another £15/month.

Then yesterday I dropped my Ipod on the floor and the screen inside cracked. The LCD display has leaked inside now. We had accidental damage cover, so we rang to make a claim. They rang back today and said we are not covered as an Ipod is classed as portable. Stupid Hecking insurance companies.

At then end of the day I want to be with a company who will pay out if something is broken or damged accidently. Not get fobbed off with "get out clauses"

ARRRRRGHHH. So if you don't know any decent insurers, how about Ipod repairers? :mad:


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Aug 16, 2001
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Earwig, been with Co-Op (CIS) for years now...Buildings, contents & 'all risks' which covers stuff not in contents, like iPod's, watches, glasses etc.
Have made two claims over the years, always dealt with prompt & efficient.
Give 'em a try :)