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Aug 8, 2001
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The edge.
This is while i was looking through the TM official CVS that ive been playing with, i was looking for the image thats in the background when scanning, to change it, so searcged background, and was surprised to see this in the results

so thats the boot image, about screen and skin sorted lol

ive also asked madeinbeats to take a look at the 4 files for the web interface as well ;)
Im sure I did that lol
one of my fist attemps :) Im sure Ive still got a lot of the stuff I did on memory stick somewhere
yeh looking through the files, its in /old/dbox/blah blah

what you got then m8?

i have a working image with full DW branding, but its an FTA image at the moment
just old bootscreens I made
old cable pic icons
I dont think much you would use tbh mate

Ill try and find it :)
Ive been wondering all day how this skin got into a TM image ?
now that would be telling m8 ;)

ive not compiled one since doing it though, so ill try it now, if you dont hear from me, it means the computer burst into flames or sommat lol
why would that be in a compiled TM image ? I only posted that file in place that only certain people had access too

got me thinking
It's not in the TM_CVS area it's a folder on the desktop, It's one of my old linux distro's with a lot of the dev files.

Craig has files on there that I don't have any more.
I really didnt see that

:Cry: Oh Im getting old :Cry: I dont wanna be old :Cry: