locked out of DW



been trying to login to DW from 7pm today, each time it tells me iv used up my 5 logins and must wait 15mins

I have done that still cant get in.

so now Im loged in as leggoman75

would be greatfull if and when some one has the time to look into this for me and see if you can find out why i cant login as leggoman??

send a pm to davidh think he is online, he may be able to lift the temp block
reddevil said:
send a pm to davidh think he is online, he may be able to lift the temp block
it was davidh that i had asked for help but like he said he is locked out of admin im locked out of site so i set up a new account lol just to be here could not stay away lol
locked out

ok chaps I am now sorted and back in as leggoman

:Hit: :Hit: :Hit: :Hit: :Hit:

thanks for your help
yes i can get in mods ok m8, cant do owt to help tho, not got the same access as u..:(
I know what you mean m8...ive just logged on at last....been trying since 5pm
The same thing happend to me yesterday. I thought someone was trying to brute-force the password on my account!

Dear Miles,

Your account on Digital World has been locked because someone has tried to log
into the account with the wrong password more than 5 times. You will be able to
attempt to log in again in another 15 minutes.

The person trying to log into your account had the following IP address:

Don't forget that the password is case sensitive. Forgotten your password? Use
the link below:

All the best,
Digital World