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Mar 24, 2005
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I have a Fujitsu MHT2040AH 40 gb laptop HDD. The problem is is that the user has f***ing locked it. I've been trying for hours to get the thing to open up and guessing @ passwords but the thing wont budge. The user is pleading ignorance (don't they always) and I'd realy like to crack this one open. I've downloaded the fjerase tool from fujitsu and it will format it, however, I still can't get the blighter to take an os, and fj's tools say the git is still locked
did atapwd on a boot disk not work?, archosunlock is for making a linux boot floppy, i have used atapwd on xbox disks sucsesfully.
Hi mate, try this:

1. Grab atapwd (written by Alex Mina)
2. Create a bootable DOS floppy disk, and put atapwd.exe on it
3. Remove the harddisk from your Archos and plug it into a laptop (or a standard PC, using a 3.5" => 2.5" IDE adapter)
4. Boot from the floppy and run atapwd.exe
5. Select the locked harddrive and press enter for the menu
6. For Fujitsu disks: Choose "unlock with user password", then "disable with user password". The password is empty, so just press enter at the prompt.
7. For Toshiba and Hitachi disks, if the above doesn't work: Choose "unlock with master password", then "disable with master password". The password is all spaces.
8. Your disk is now unlocked. Shut down the computer and remove the disk.
The problem I have is that this particular user managed to reset his bios using the button hidden under the os label, then in a panick, they decided to try to make it look like they hadn't been tampering, they went into the bios and applied a password to the hdd instead of the bios, as a result when the os got corrupted we are now unable to use the drive. I've rescued it as a spare just in case I can get in, for now though they'resoldiering on with a 4gb drive instead of a 40. That'll teach em.....
So as the hdd has been pwd protected, atapwd.exe doesn't work. I was wondering if anyone new of any master passwords for these drives. Mind you I have spoken to afujitsu engineer today and he was clueless.
Capco..I'm sure I can remember when I was at my 'old' work the IT bods had some util's they got from Fujitsu to get round the problem you are describing. Think it was a means of reflashing the drive back to factory settings. Sadly I don't have them :(
I suppose you could always try asking the Fujitsu HDD peeps direct??
Sorry can't be much use
Had similair problems with HD passwords set on IBM thinkpad drives. Its virtually impossible to remove HD passwords with software. Apparently the only way to remove the IBM passwords is by sending the drive back to the manufacturer with the risk of total data loss, and also expensive ! If you scour the Web there are also companys who offer to unlock HD's with specific hardware but again very expensive, I suppose only an option when recovering vital/important data.
I have seen the same problem with all drive manufacturers including , Toshiba , Seagate , IBM travelstar, Fujitsu. Flashing firmware will not help I'm afraid.
Sorry to put the dampner on it mate but your drive is only a paper weight now !!