lock status keeps changing from locked to unlocked


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Nov 26, 2005
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Isle of Man
hi guys,

I'm trying to get a new box working. I think their might be some errors with it.

in engineers men under installation summary the lock status keeps chaning from locked to unlocked.

there are multiple errors in the status monitoring saying things like "Lost OOB Lock"

has anyone seen these before or know what to do about it.

i'm leavin the box on overnight to see if that helps. I'll check the tuner tomorrow.

I have another box but its bloody security screwed. ill get a pair of pliers off my da tomorrow and try switch the tuners around.

thanks for the help
make sure you understand the difference between the CIM (Cable Interface Module - the big silver can that the cable feed attaches to, and is easy to change)) and the tuners (two smaller silver cans which need to be desoldered from the main board and are not so easy to change).
i do know the difference, i just keep mixing them up.

dont worry im not gonna desolder anything!
I had same problem

I had the same problem with a 4010. Tried everything. Knew it was on the wrong network id but it wouldnt change. Had too many numbers in it. Caused the locked/unlocked problem

What worked for me was.. I pulled the red jumper, switched the box back on, left it for a few mins, pulled the power, put the red jumper back on, powered up the box to the eng menu, set the frequency and rebooted.