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May 19, 2005
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How goes
anyone manage to get any chans on 5e sirius
i got a lithuanian mate and wanted to sort this sat up.
got 1w thor and 7e but not picking anything up at all here even moving dish

is there a certain transponder i should be on to get FTA lithuanian tv??


does anybody have any sig or channs on sirius 5e??
Yes m8 I get 229 channels on it,dont watch it though :)

What problem are you having exactly?
chers for info

i aint got signal - can get 1w thor and 7e
moved dish but aint picked anything up yet
can u check if u get LNK or the chan next to it - both lithuanian
got a mate who is lithuanian stayin at house so would be good if i can pick them up for her.
No m8 cant get anything on that transponder at all sorry,but it could just be my setup,although I am using a 90cm dish?

EDIT: Just checked the footprint for that sat and theres no way you will get the nordic band transponders according to it :(
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cheers for the info
i got 90cm dish too but looks like am wasting my time then

wots the footprint for the sat??