Lite-On 93450C i think i fried it anyone help


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Mar 27, 2005
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summy wales
Lite-On 93450C i think i fried it !!!!
Ok i think i may have put the power cable from my Xecuter CK3 in to the drive upside down .. doghhh
the reason i say this is its now dead
i could not get it to see the drive and started farting around as ya do and the only thing can think i have done is as above ...
could someone pull the key and spoof to a drive or just pull the key and i will do the rest obviously i will pay for the service
tbh ive had enough of doing them now its to much like hard work for me and me heart aint in it .....
can post drive or pcb
thx for looking
I had a repair job for EXACTLY this from another member here (he didnt tell me until after I had the drive and accepted the job).

I removed the chip from the board and put it on a new donor board and even this didnt work.

If you put the power in a liteon the wrong way around, you have likely completely screwed the chip and therefore cannot get the key.