light on republic irland image


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Jan 21, 2006
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Light On Republic Of Ireland Image

does any body knows if republic irland image is same a as uk image for chorus cable can any body from republic of ireland can put bit of light on and what image they are using is it uk image or diffrent image for republic ireland

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You need a irish cables.xml for chorus cable for scanning.
Arn't some of the older chorus cable boxes dvb-t instead of dvb-c?
You should know the difference between chorus mmds and chorus cable.
uk image

what i mean is can you use uk image and use corus irish xmls to scan the box
whats the best image to use for repulic ireland can you scan manualy has anybody tried and tested it if any body from irland can put bit of light on it
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You should be sure that you get chorus cable and not chorus mmds.
If you know netid, default frequency and symbol rate from your subbed box you can also use a fast scan via that numbers.