Let's cool things down"!!!


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Mar 20, 2005
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Ok”! Let’s cool things down a bit

Looking around there are a lot of info around but there are also lot o confusion as well…people are making mistakes, big ones especially regarding Mosc”!!! Because the are so many opinions regarding how and what images, what software to use and what to do with them

This is not criticism but a alert to cool things down and stop some of the mistakes going around at the moment

Things you should ask yourself before attempting to write to a Rom card”!!!

1) before writing a image to card”!!! What is the method of getting back in to it????
(I would not write an image with out knowing the method how to get back in to card)

Many people are glitching cards then grabbing whatever image and writing to it, then finding out that they cannot get back in to card… Guess what’s next”!!
I wrote rom blab bla but i get error bdo bad password what can I do??? Help”!!!!!

I suggest that you read or just ask step by step how to do it here in the forum


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Jan 25, 2005
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Who knows !
Exactly right !

tbh, you should never really need more that the image that comes on the card. Its very simple to clean that image to A16 or B04 using NagraEdit, to apply a very simple update blocker (cycle byte change) and to then manipultate the records on the card so that it does what you need it to.

The records themselves are pretty simple and with a little reading around are are very easy to master. The Mosc card is by far the easiest of the cards to make work and ultimately the most resiliant !

Unfortunately, the demand for images is simply a consequence of people who want a quick fix and can't be bothered to actually learn how to do it for themselves. Its really not that difficult if you are willing to give it a few hours !
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Donnie Darko

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Jul 6, 2005
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Good points made gents.With the latest changes with other cards people are failing to get a grasp of whats required with the mosc,and are ultimately looking for a quick fix.
Before doing any reading/homework on the subject.


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May 5, 2005
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wise words - seems the mosc section is gettin like the general cable section.
now everyone wants mosc but they want it now and can't be bothered to do the ground work.

everyone should stop panicking!!! it would also be nice if we didn't see post after post with the same question (i thought about putting "daft question "there LOL).

please people have a read through the previous threads that have been posted - lots will apply to you and if you don't find the answer revive the thread by posting into it, at least this place will be more organized and you will learn plenty.