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Oct 3, 2005
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hi guys,

im thinking of getting a dbox for upstairs - whats the longest length of cable i could use from the main connection to the new box??


I used 15mtrs to my daughters room but it needs to be good quality, at 1st we used the budget from homebase with no joy so bought the £1 a mtr from maplins works great.

Have Fun

I used Satalite cable from B+Q aprox 18mtrs to upstairs bedroom works no probs, cant remember cost though, its just easier because there is a lot of B+Qs around.
The best cable on the market is PH100 Cable Sky Endorsed for analogue and digital or PF100 Coaxil, which is Gas injected, foam Core this is the best for High Speed Data Transfer CIA approved. This is what we install in all our house - Smart Home Builders. You can pick this up from most TV wholesale companies.

Or try h**p://www.screwfix.com i think its around £25.00 for 100m