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Mar 12, 2006
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Any chance of a tut for getting LCD-EPG to work on these images, I've tried it but I'm really struggling :(. Thanks
Any chance of a tut for getting LCD-EPG to work on these images, I've tried it but I'm really struggling :(. Thanks

hi m8

what can i say i would really love to help here but i do not use this feature but i will have a look for you though

please state where you are and what files you got and what you are stuck on

i will do some research and make it a challenge for me to try and get a guide done for you but it will need to be with your help too m8

as i said i dont use that feature personnally but i would play for you

Well, i used a mixture of the files straight from the keywelt board and the english translated ones from njl:world 3, problem is it comes up "No EPG Info", haven't tried anything like that before so abit stumped
ok sorry as you know im new to this i thought maybe someone else would of seen this before me so if someone that knows what they are doing please but in as i am a newby to this as well

ok the lcdmenu.conf is the file that you need in the var/tuxbox/config folder of the dbox

then in the lcd menu there should be a way of configuring this file to enable the epg on the lcd

hope im right just looking at some of the files now

lcd_epg needs to go in var/plugins this needs to be chmod 755

you will need to modify the shellexec.conf so it says something like this

DEPENDOFF=Activate LCD-EPG,/var/plugins/lcd_epg,/tmp/.lcd_epg.on
DEPENDON=Deactivate LCD-EPG,/var/plugins/lcd_epg,/tmp/.lcd_epg.on
SHELLRESON=-&LCD-EPG - View 1,CONFIG=`cat /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf`; echo "$CONFIG" | sed -e 's/^LCD_ANSICHT=.*/LCD_ANSICHT=1/' > /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf,[ -s /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf ] && grep -q '^LCD_ANSICHT=[23]' /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf,Please Wait
SHELLRESON=-&LCD-EPG - View 2,CONFIG=`cat /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf`; echo "$CONFIG" | sed -e 's/^LCD_ANSICHT=.*/LCD_ANSICHT=2/' > /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf,[ -s /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf ] && grep -q '^LCD_ANSICHT=[13]' /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf,Please Wait
SHELLRESON=-&LCD-EPG - View 3,CONFIG=`cat /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf`; echo "$CONFIG" | sed -e 's/^LCD_ANSICHT=.*/LCD_ANSICHT=3/' > /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf,[ -s /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf ] && grep -q '^LCD_ANSICHT=[12]' /var/tuxbox/config/lcd_epg.conf,Please Wait
DEPENDON=*-&Reload LCD-EPG Config,touch /tmp/.lcd_epg.reload; sleep 6,/tmp/.lcd_epg.on,Please Wait
DEPENDON=&LCD-EPG AutoStart~T~T~TOn,rm /var/etc/.lcd_epg_auto,/var/etc/.lcd_epg_auto,Please Wait
DEPENDOFF=&LCD-EPG AutoStart~T~T~TOff,touch /var/etc/.lcd_epg_auto,/var/etc/.lcd_epg_auto,Please Wait
COMMENT=For the the LCD-EPG AutoStart
COMMENT=you need to restart neutrino!

with thanks to the commando team for this
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Still get the same error, can't see what to edit to get the EPG to show :(
Thanks for all your help so far yido, appreciated
hold on m8 give us a minute to read the thread and get the files together and i will do a tut for you . this one is easy to install when you know how .
have u had a look at the commando 7.5 image it has all the lcd stuff in there, probably easy to copy, I can get you the root if you want
are you editing a jffs2 image or a squash one ?

do you have the box connected to internet ?
Its JFFS2 and yeh, says on ping that the nets reachable so it should be
sounds like you need busyboxse
and some extra symlinks m8

put these 2 files into the temp

telnet into the box

type this in

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this will install whats needed to get it to run .
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Install lcd epg.

unpack lcd epg folder
keeping the file structure upload to the dbox .

getrc /var/bin/ 755 /var/plugins/ 755
lcd_epg.conf /var/tuxbox/config/ 644

Optnal on / off on plugin menu
*********************************** /var/tuxbox/plugins/ 755
lcd_epg.cfg /var/tuxbox/plugins/ 644
lcd_epg /var/tuxbox/plugins/ 755

recording.start /var/tuxbox/config/ 755
recording.end /var/tuxbox/config/ 755
recording.timer /var/tuxbox/config/ 755
pictureviewer.start /var/tuxbox/config/ 755
pictureviewer.end /var/tuxbox/config/ 755

insert this in start neutrino to get it to auto run

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then use the stuff in the post up from this .
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Can you give me some help on the start_neutrino side, cant see /bin/neutrino -u -f to insert it all, ive attached the file
Having absolultly no luck with it at all, can you have a look and see what im doing wrong?

# $Id: start_neutrino,v 1.30 2006/07/23 12:21:37 barf Exp $

date -s 010101001970
/var/bin/mmops startdefaultemu noGUI
until neutrino -f -u ; do
echo "Neutrino exited with nonzero exit status, restarting..."
pidof sectionsd >/dev/null || sectionsd
pidof timerd >/dev/null || timerd
pidof camd2 >/dev/null || camd2
pidof zapit >/dev/null || zapit
pidof controld >/dev/null || controld
pidof nhttpd >/dev/null || nhttpd

[ -e /tmp/ ] && kill $( cat /tmp/ )
[ -e /tmp/ ] && kill $( cat /tmp/ )
[ -e /var/run/ ] && kill -TERM $( cat /var/run/ )
pzapit -kill

while expr $i != 0 > /dev/null
if pidof controld > /dev/null; then echo "Waiting for controld (max. $i seconds)"
elif pidof timerd > /dev/null; then echo "Waiting for timerd (max. $i seconds)"
elif pidof zapit > /dev/null; then echo "Waiting for zapit (max. $i seconds)"
elif pidof tuxmaild > /dev/null; then echo "Waiting for tuxmaild (max. $i seconds)"
elif pidof tuxcald > /dev/null; then echo "Waiting for tuxcald (max. $i seconds)"
else break;
i=`expr $i - 1`
sleep 1

if [ -e /var/etc/.lcd_epg_auto ] ; then
sleep 30 && /var/plugins/ &

/bin/neutrino -u -f

if pidof > /dev/null; then
sleep 3
wget -q -Y off -O - 'http://localhost/control/lcd?lock=1&clear=1&update=1&png=/share/tuxbox/lcdd/icons/power.png'

if [ -e /tmp/.nohalt ] ; then
killall -q sectionsd
killall -q timerd
killall -q camd2
killall -q zapit
killall -q controld
killall -q nhttpd
saa --fbas
switch -fnc 0 -fblk 0
echo "Neutrino and its daemons terminated (hopefully)"

if [ -e /tmp/.reboot ] ; then
Still nothing, getting a wierd bug now aswell when i press restart or shutdown neutrino restarts without channel lists etc, takes a good 3 restarts to get it to eventually restart