Lazy Town doing my f**king head in!


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Feb 27, 2007
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All I bloody hear all day long is that f**king stupid Lazy Town music video. Even adults are watching it! WTF! Grow up, it's a pile of rubbish.
cant put it any better me girl loves it but its a pile off shite
actually lazy town aint that bad, you try having the wiggles on non stop, i made the mistake of putting a load on the dreambox nas drive that drives me fooking nuts. i will take lazy town over the wiggles any day of the week
We've got the Lazytown CD in the car!!!!!! And you think you've got it bad.
In the night garden

Anyone seen the new one. "In the night garden'


the dudes that made this program were definately treading on another planet when they dreamed the up. I mean there the plinky plonk... the ninky nonk. the main female character Upsey daisey sounds like a cheesy german porn star saying 'daisey dooo daisey dooo' all the time. reminds me of how alwful captain pugmash was with master bates and seaman staines i mean come on guys make it a little more subtle.
With a few young kids in the house. Lazy town gets my vote, got the kids eating sports candy now. Rember MAX HEADROOM(going back a few years now),Robbie rotten is like scary version of Max.

come on it ain't that bad,lol.
my 17m old loves it and I love the night garden, like a weird dream you have when you are

Yeah Lazy Town is annoying. Even my 4 year old hates it.

Tell you what though the guy who worte the lyrics to the 'Lelli Kelly' commercial should be shot. I cant get the fooking tune out of my head.
Lazy town aint that bad. It encourages youngsters to do excercise and to eat properly.

Anyway it's a KIDS program so stop complaining about it