Known VOD areas


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Aug 4, 2005
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Do we have a thread that lists all known VOD areas?
I am looking to buy a Dbox2 for a friend of mine in the Fulham area as she is a bit of a film buff, but if VOD has hit that area already it may not be worthwhile.
Anyone in Fulham give me s hout back please?
We should maybe look at starting a 'known VOD area' thread as I guess these kind of questions will get more frequent as the disease spreads around the country......
VOD will be everywere very shortly m8, so if she only wants it for ppv then i would say its not worth it,but you still get all sly movies, and there is a thread about vod areas, maybe back a week or 2 now .
so could they make all channels go this way in the near future?.
cc's haven't got the money to change every channel to VOD. well untill richard branson buys that is!