Keys Required for Soft Emulation


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Nov 23, 2005
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Guys, i'm using ritzDVB with soft emulation to decode channels. I'm looking for keys which look like

5401 01 5R4HFD5EDRGD4HD4
5401 02 32GMS4H5PM9J5H53

[These keys are just examples, of how the keys look like]

as I edit the ci.txt and softcam.reg file to replace the keys with the latest one. But I can't seem to find them. I found the keys when NTL did the reset on 21st. But I've been unable to get hold of new keys for the 23rd. These HEX codes, do they possess these two keys in there somewhere ? ..

I'd appreciate if some brave soul can help me out here ..

Cheers .
What you are after are the public keys used for the actual video decryption. These are in hexadecimal, thats digits 0-9 & letters A-F, you won't find any H's or J's or P's etc.

Check your pm !
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it's me again, have the public keys been changed again ? .. can anyone help me out with them .. cheers folks ..
Get the latest rst file the keys are in there.