kein system null modem


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Jun 13, 2005
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Hi there..i managed to get my dbox to kein system yesterday...unintentionally ofcourse..went out n got myself a null modem cable...was following stacks guide to null modem flashing from the download section...all was looking good..reached step eight
"You should get the following message back

Un-Protected 63 sectors.."

instead of the 63 i got the 70...i thought...may as well carry on...erased 70 sectors

then come to the command

"No enter the following and hit enter. NOTE the case!

cp.1 120000 10020000 1F8000

This will now say ‘Copy To Flash…..’"

well when i typed that in and pressed enter

on the hyperterminl...i kept on getting Unknown command 'cp1' - try 'help'
what have i done wrong?
someone please shed some light on this...thanks
cp.l means copy long. There is a l behind the point not 1. tryin that as i type...its working..:D:D it looked like a 1 in the tutorial:$