Katrina Officers Fired


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Jul 5, 2001
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More than 50 New Orleans police officers who walked away from their posts during or just after Hurricane Katrina have been fired.

Another 15 officers have chosen to resign while investigators examined their reasons for not reporting for duty.

"It is unfortunate that some members did not uphold their oath of office," acting police Superintendent Warren Riley said.

"We should not dwell on them because they did not have the best interest of the city or their colleagues at heart."

Mr Riley said about 15% of the force did not show up for work after the August 29 storm.

Katrina levelled whole neighbourhoods in New Orleans and unleashed a deadly flood.

Police have been widely criticised for failing to control lawlessness after the hurricane.

The 51 who were fired - 45 officers and 6 civilian employees - walked away from the job and have not reported back for duty.

Another 228 officers remain under administrative review, where their cases will be examined by a panel of police officers and city officials.