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Sep 17, 2006
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Just plugged it in and all i am getting is "unknown usb device detedcted"

Is there anything i should do before plugging it in?

I want to be able to put games off me pc, any chance of advise and help here pls. I got a couple of downloaded ps3 games and also have teensy, i also have the ftp on pc downloaded from racers post. Just need help.

Done this:-

Power then hit eject 3 times.

Now get this:-

* app home ps3 game

install package files

No files are on the package and when i hit * app home ps3 game an error comes up saying no continue.

Any help pls.
Hi mate, you need to have a second usb flash drive once you are at this stage with the back up manager file in it, once you have installed this you are ready to go!
Done this:-
Power then hit eject 3 times.

Why are you hitting it 3 times?
Just hit power then eject once, but do it very quickly.

Download Backup Manager, the FTP Server and any other apps that you want to install on the PS3 and copy them to a memory stick, put the memory stick into your PS3 and select Install Package Files from the menu, then just click on them to install.

Once you've done that, if you want to copy one of your own games onto the HDD then open your games icon and select Backup Manager, select the game from the list and press O, confirm ytou want to backup the disc and then go make a cup of tea.

If you want to FTP a downloaded game, then open the FTP software on the PS3, it should tell you the IP address in the centre of the screen. On your PC launch your FTP software, enter the IP address that the PS3 has given you and leave the username and password blank. Connect to the PS3 server and browse to /dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/ create a folder in here called GAMEZ then simply drag and drop your PS3 game folder into GAMEZ the game folders are called BCESxxxxx, BCUSxxxxx etc.

Try to use a wired connection for the FTP if you can as it is MUCH faster.
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Right ive downloaded that with no problems, what do I do now?

Just put it on a flash drive and install to ps3?

Read what witchy put above, but hit O to load the game to hdd, X is to launch, its gone lunch time, hes had a brandy by now :)