Just got first dbox


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Aug 23, 2005
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Got my first dbox yesterday. Flashed it with latest sportster image. Copied ntl services and bouquet files. Free tv!!!!

Set up winserver so that i could record from dbox to pc. Works fine as well.

I can tranfer files to and from the dbox so communication both ways is fine.

Have been repeatedly trying to stream video back to the dbox from the pc. Im using the quick(ish) guide plus vlc 0.7.2.

I load vlc from a command prompt using the parameters specified in the guide. Ive set the folder permissions (c:\Movies) so that user dbox2 has full access. Also changed it so that Everyone has full read/write access. set the dbox as instructed to in the guide..

When i go into movie player and try to "Play video file via VLC" I am presented with a window which has "Filebrowser vlc://c:/Movies" at the top but no content below it.
Any of the other options i.e. DVD and (S)VCD give me the error cannot connect to streaming server.

My brains have be fried over this and any help or advise would be really appreciated
Is there actually any movie files in the C:\Movies directory????
Try placing one of each of these files into the folder:

1 .mpg file
1 .avi file
1 .ts file

and also a blank text file to see if that helps.
You might also need to turn off the "file filter", (which i think is the blue button)