just can't get share to work, for mp3, movies etc


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May 18, 2005
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hi peeps,

Been reading loads about how to get the dbox to share a directory and that, so i can get the direct file recording and the mp3 share directory working, but after fruitless tries and tries, i just can't get it working......

now i can ftp the box, i can actually record to server ( my p.c using dboxwinserver ) i can pick up images from satallite etc etc, but i just can't get the share drive to work, if any one can spare a few mins and maybe help i'd really appreciate it, i've wired my house so my dbox can be in the sitting room and my p.c's next door, so it would eb real cool to stream mp3's and also use direct recording so i can play it back but that uses the same method of connecting......

mate did u create a new user on xp with the user name as dbox2 and the passowrd as dbox2?

Also make sure you give the folders full share access including write and read
yeah mate i think so, here's a few screen shots of stuff......



You might never get it to work m8. I spent hours at it and got nowhere with sportster. Using Winserver now and it's just as good as what I presume direct file is to be fair.
Use the search function on here and you'll find this topic covered a million times.

yeah i got winserver working mate and can record to a mpg on my p.c but i wanted to get direct file recording working so i can watch that stuff back via the box....and also stream my mp3's from the p.c to the sitting room....
Are you sharing it as a NFS share or just using a windows share?
could you shine a bit more light on this ? is this an nfs share on the box or the p.c ?

thanks for everyone's help !!