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May 19, 2005
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Bolton UK

Routines will validate a key against the attached drive 100%
Routine added to:
- DVDkey32 Extract, also as key ver is 100%, 6 dumps no longer necessary
- LO83info Extract, also as key ver is 100%, 2 dumps no longer necessary
- Source and Target context menus

IO port refresh
Extra checks to determine drive hardware type, as opposed the Inquiry info.
Key is easily queryied from Samsung and Hitachi pre 78, can grab key, verify and lookup KeyDB.
Lite-On Barcode uniquely identifies drive, look-Up Barcode in KeyDB and verify
Fancy icon on the Drive Properites group box and tooltip to display Key and KeyDB info.
Context menu on Drive Properties to peform KeyDb functions ( load files etc )

Now index by Lite-on barcode, barcode will be added at next refresh for rapid Drive ID.
Added an new field call LastFile, this will point to file last used to update KeyDb.
Useful if you want to refresh KeyDb with all your Lite-On files.
This is used on Drive Properties Context Menu, to load an OFW.

Dummy from KeyDB **New**
There are 3 parts to this
- for and identified Lite-On this will use the verified key and grab all other dummy data and build it
- for un-identified Lite-On, will test ALL keys in KeyDB and return on a successful hit, build dummy as above
- for non lite-on, will test ALL keys in KeyDB and return on a successful hit.

USB Com Port Enumeration
Will properly report device types in Vista and Win 7 - FTD2XX.dll dependancy removed

JungleFlasher 0.1.73(103S)
Oggy posted this ages ago, new key check routines are sweet.
what do we have to do if we have liteon 1.0 on , ? to be safe