jtag power on or off


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Dec 30, 2006
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This might sound like a daft question but when you jtag a box do you need to switch it on or can it be done with power off?
I also noticed that sometimes after connecting the j tag then swich ing power on, if you have any problem getting your BK /ird it helps if you put the box in eng menu. mp101216
Just to add, some of mine i have done would only connect when in eng menu, some ok, dunno why but defo helps.

Can be a bit awkward on your own with a pogo hehe!
I did one and had the box on then just put the jteg on the board and hit the software worked spot on for me.
It was a bit fiddley but got there in the end.

Thanks for all the help.

A few more arms would have been nice. Lol