jtag cables


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Nov 9, 2005
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hi can anyone tell me were i can buy a jtag cable from please
i need to get my boxkey and ird thank you: shocked2
tmc and jabsplace would defo get from tmc hes on here pm him m80
What box do you have some are not jtagable, if thats a word??
what about atmelace a member on here he does all sorts of cable things.

PM him he has is own site as well
I have used jabsplace in the past, google jabsplace, never had any problems, You can get pogo pins which are designed for a particular box which can be applied without soldering!! Some people's soldering aint too clever.
JTAG is the most easyest cable for building. It works with direct connection or if you want more complicated you can use buffers. If you are not much experienced then search for JTAG that is exactly for the device you need.

Good luck