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Nov 11, 2009
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The Zoo
Hi guys, I have been a member for nearly a year now and during that time I have gone from a complete newbie to being able to setup working servers outta DM's and Technomates and also do installations for static, multi-lnb and motorised dishes. I have helped others in this forum go from having a pile of kit to setting themselves up and still get others PM'ing me for help and advice. I am more focussed on the world of dreamboxes now after cutting my teeth with TM500/600's and can do repairs down to component level.
Other than dabbling with satellite TV I am an avid supporter of Glasgow Rangers and follow football with a passion. I also play a fair bit of golf and enjoy eating out and spending time with my family. My day job is as a senior manager for Royal Mail and i think I just get a bizz out of problem solving. I see even the most difficult problems as a challenge that I just have to overcome!! Happy to create tutorials to help others and would be interested in moderating in the satellite section, particularly in Dreamboxes, Technomate Linux boxes and Sky UK and European Satellite sections.
many thanks for the application mannachie
besy of luck to you