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Aug 10, 2001
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ITV4 will launch tomorrow as planned but will not be available on Sky until 7th November as sky are sooooooo sloooooowww. Anyway, to get round this ITV4 opening night- the Chelsea footy match, Kojak etc will be found on channel 136 which is Men & Motors. It will only be on channel 136 for the opening night- 1st November, so here is how to add ITV4 to view with a Dodgibox for the rest of the week.

First, Push the Services button on your handset, then push 4, and push 4 again.

You will now find a menu called; Find Channels.

Using the numbers on the handset type in the frequency 1 0 7 5 8 .

Now, using the up down arrows, alter the polarization to V (if its not already).
You will notice every time you move up or down the space turns yellow, this means you have “highlighted” that particular item.

You will have to change the S.R (Symbol Rate), there are only two (on a SKY Digibox), 27.5 and 22.0.The one you require is 22.0 (22,000). Now we need to change the F.E.C. (Forward Error Correction),using the Left, Right Arrows.
There are only these choices here; 1 /2, 2/3, 3 /4, 5/6 & 7/8.
=You need 5/6.

You will see a list of channels, the one for ITV4 is 10072, which you need to save. Highlight it and using the yellow key, click to “Tick” it , Now highlight “Find Channels” and push Select.

OK now to view, depending on what you have, a SKY+ or an ordinary Dodgibox.

For SKY+ it’s Services, then push 8, or,
for ordinary Dodgiboxes, Services then push 6, this will take you “Other Channels”.

Highlight, and push Select, the box will tune to the channel you have selected.

ITV4 is due to launch on Chl;120 on the 7th November, as long as sky can keep up with providing tv stations through their epg.
pink helmet my m8 said thanx as hes been searching sky looking 4 itv4.....phoned me to ask so i looked here and found this thread......thanx again.....just saying thanx so u know it werent a waste of time
itv 4 sky settings........ manual

. . . Sky viewers will still be able to view ITV4 by adding the channel manually. To do so, press services, then 4 (system setup) and 4 (add channels). Enter the frequency 10.758, a polarisation of V, a symbol rate of 22.0 (use the left/right arrow buttons) and an FEC of 5/6, then select 'Find channels'. From the list that appears, select 10072 and press the yellow button, then select to store. The channel will now be accessible via services, then the 'Other Channels' menu