Its here and yes im scared.


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Dec 28, 2009
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Hey People,

Well as normal time has flown by and tomorrow is DO or DIE day as its when i do the Triathlon.

I have been there today and registered so there is no turning back. Im not afraid to say im scared because i aint fittest bloke in anyway but have been training for this and im a tryer (very trying my MRS tells me :proud: )

My starting time is 13.21:45 seconds. Im hoping to complete it within 2 to 2.5 hours but we will see what happens on the day. My only real goals are to not have the longest time to complete all the events and be last and to run over the finish line. If i can do both of these it will be a success for me.

I would like to say a massive : thanks : to everyone who has sponsored me and wished me luck.

If you want to sponsor me just click the justgiving link below my signature. All money raised is going to CANCER RESEARCH UK.


Good luck m8. Hope you get a load more sponsorship tonight for this great cause and hope you can enjoy every minute of it.
all the best m8.. a worthy cause....

tomoz maybe not the best day for me to softmod my wii then ;)
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Good luck m8, just do your best and you will probably better yoiur expectations.
Good luck Ray its the taking part that counts lol., no you will do fine mate fair play to you.
LMAO, Guess i could talk you thru any problems while on the bike and running but not sure ill be able to use the phone while swimming. :proud:

Thanks everyone


i'll hold off to monday m8....
don't want you drowning

and me bricking my wii ...

wii's cost a fortune
all the best mate!

hope everything goes well!

First things first, IM STILL ALIVE. :proud:

Well I have completed my first fun Triathlon. It was a challenging event to say the least. Its looking like i may have been the slowest in my group but i completed it which is cool. :banana:

As i stated at the start i wasnt out to break any records and have enjoyed the whole day and will be something i will remember for all the rite reasons.

Breakdown on the 3 events:

First event was swimming which i new was my weakest event and it almost killed me. I completed 200 meters in 00.12:09.

Second event was on the bike which was my strongest event. I completed 14miles in 01.08:33.

Third event was running which again i wasnt looking forward to because i aint no runner and the weather has been pissing it down non stop. The grass was more like a mud bath and you could not run. I completed 1.6 miles in 00.21:41

Total time was 01.42:23

Link to all results:
Fun Men Results

Once again thank you to everyone who has sponsored me. I will let everyone know how much i have managed to raise once i have collected all the money but im hoping it will be around £300 for Cancer Research UK.
well done m8. :thumbsup: