Islington Council parking and roads


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Jul 12, 2001
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2 things im gonna have a rant about

now normally when i travel about islington its in a coach cos im on the way to football, at the best place in town. (Ashburton Arsenal for those of u that dont know)

today i have an emergency call to a customer in islington all the London engs are busy at 14:00 now i was in Leicester grrrrr

1 ffs the roads are in a terrible state huge pot holes on many of the roads (its not a problem in a coach but the car was all over the place) do they do any repairs.

2 were the f*** do u park its all residents parking i even saw 1 bit with business permit parking, what the f is that.

i complain about the cost of parking in birm/derby/nottingham/leics/cov but f*** me i payed £4 an hour and had to walk the best part of a mile to my customers office.

phew thats better :)
yeah 4 quid is cheap whats a matter with you lol

certain roads are a bit fooked i tend to know my way round north london well and know what roads to miss as some of the bumps are crackers aswell

i had my car's exhaust pipe fixed a few weeks back the bracket keeps coming lose today went over a bump (well missed it) and i need to get the bracket replaced again!

where abouts was you pal
hi mickie

i was in bickerton rd just off juction rd at a travel company

the roads between the back of whittington hosp and highgate cemetry are like beruit on a bad day...and as u say the road humps are lethal