Is TPS down?


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Nov 24, 2005
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TPS down

my patch clears multivision and all channels on frequency 10873 but none of the others like tps foot etc. To recieve all channels you have to go back to putting in the daily bin file until a new patch comes out with this glitch fixed. It may be due to TPS reverting to an older encryption system
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Im only clearing Multivision and a few other channels with the patch and no cinema and Tps foot. I think they have gone back to using Via1.
was clearing tps/multi earlier this morn , now not gettin nothing on tps or multi
various forums are saying that tps have gone back to via1 or tpscrypt or whatever due to industrial action by technicians etc , so it seems they have reverted to an earlier form of encryption so that they do not upset customers so this may explain recent changes
if this is the case can we revert back to an older patch to get tps back, surely this should be possible we just need to know which patch works with the older encryption