is it possible?


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Nov 29, 2005
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hi there my question might make me an idiot but i don't care if as long as it helps me to increase my knowledge so here is my question
is it possible for the programmer to make an emulater kind a thing for sportster image files so that people who don't have the dbox runs these image files via computer by connecting cable to the tv card installed in computer? just a general question and i hope it would be the right section to ask this question. If not sorry to the mods in advance regards and merry christmas
Sportster is just code running on a Linux machine, so it's definitely possible for a programmer who knows what he's doing to make one that would run on a PC, but it seems a bit pointless, as you could make a far more efficient, practical, and nicer looking interface on a platform that has a mouse and a keyboard, so I can't see why anyone would bother with this, other than just to show it could be done, but there is already software on your PC that allows you to watch cable and sat in much the same ways as you would on a Dbox.
Yep plenty of software available to do this if you have a DVB-C card installed in your PC, and use the correct software to descramble the signal.

An "emulator" is definately possible. I wouldnt use it to get TV on the PC tho, I would probably use it more to TEST images before I flash them permanently to my box.

would be useful lfor people who have something like windows media centre with their pc connected to their tv saves having the extra box of course, emulators should beable to be made i mean look at whats out there now you got spectrum, bbc, atari, amiga, megadrive, ps1 and 2 etc etc all have emulators to run games on the pc.