iPod ipod touch driving me nuts


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Oct 4, 2005
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ok i have an itouch and since i bought it it has worked gr8 ,connects to everything np untill 4 days ago,i went into it and couldnt log onto IMlite or Safari had a look at wifi and couldnt see my network any where i had done a router reset about 4 days ago in fact it looks like it all happened at the same time how do i get it back??
you need to enter your router details again and the password to get back on the network, if you have hidden your network the ipod wont detect it or see it,so you have to manually enter the details of your network name, and password!
cheers m8 ive tried all this ,router doesnt really have a name ive put in network number but still finds nothing ,while scanning it only comes up with one ,it isnt mine and password for router is the same becasue i connected my other lappy to the newtwork np
i think your router network should have a name iirc, try entering it manually and use default as your network name, then enter your password for router!

other than that someone else will have to step in, lol!
ok got this fixed now after much reading on nite shift apparently there is a big problem with this issue ,i went to my son in laws and walked in it picked up his,his next door neighbours and the lad accross the road ,i logged into my son in laws so at least i knew wifi was ok, went to mcdonalds and done the same so now i knew it was the router at mine .
what i did was change encryption password on router to a new one and logged on np then i changed it back to the original one and again it logged on np so its now fixed lol ...............phew
weird mate, but at least ya got it sorted!!!!