iPhone iphone4 insurance


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Feb 3, 2010
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hi people hope some one can help me please.i have a new iphone4 and wanted to now best people to insure it with.ill have it for 2years my phone so i no ill end up dropping,breakining in one day.thanks to anybody that can help.
I have got insurance through my bank account with RBS, on the royalties gold account. Costs about £5 a month and gives loads of extras, better rates on loans, breakdown cover etc. They have just upgraded the phone insurance to give a £1000 of cover and to include PDA's and Smart phones. So might be worth a punt. Or see what your own bank offers.
As with all check the small print, none of them like paying out.
On an aside, is it possible to tag it on to your house insurance, some policy cover laptops and the like on the policy for use away from home at no extra charge as long as you notify them.
I also insured my iphone with my bank, lloyds, £7.5 a month i get breakdown cover, phone insurance, travel insurance...bunch of things...