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Jan 28, 2007
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Hi I was wondering what sites people use to get company and industry information and if any of these site provide the usual ratio information etc

Thanks in advance for looking
Discount Brokers included in the survey: Allenbridge, Barclays Stockbrokers, Best Invest, Cavendish Online, Chartwell, Chelsea FS, Commshare, Funds Direct, Hargreaves Lansdown, Moneyworld, Selftrade, TD Waterhouse, Torquil Clark and Willis Owen. If you find a top discount broker not included that beats the above, please e-mail [email protected]

The UK's Top Discount Brokers

To find these top picks, the UK's major discount brokers were compared for overall charges on a range of funds. Overall there was no one winner for everything, but the top three listed below came out generally on top. Best practice is always get specific quotes from all three.

The winners

Hargreaves Lansdown.

Of all the brokers surveyed, Hargreaves Lansdown tends to win by a nose; they rebate the entire fee for over 1,500 of the funds it sells. You can buy funds from any provider on the market, meaning anything you want to buy should be available through it. Plus a portion of the annual charge is rebated for many of the funds available. Link: Hargreaves Lansdown.


Smaller broker Chartwell's fees are also amongst the lowest, with commissions rebated for both the inital charge and a hefty whack for the annual charge, which means for investments over a longer period it can be the winner. Chartwell can source any fund in the UK, though less, around 950, are available through its online 'fund supermarket'. Link: Chartwell.

Best Invest.

Best Invest covers 1,100 funds, and rebates 100% of the commission it earns on initial charges, making it one of the cheapest discount brokers, especially in the first year of investment. It also has the advantage of some very strong research facilities. Link: Best Invest.
I use Hargreaves Lansdown. No complaints so far, though I deal more with bonds than with individual shares.
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I use TD Waterhouse and have stuck with them as they now give me free trades. If you buy/sell more than one stock a day you can usually negotiate a lower flat rate charge.

Good luck!
Munkey mate seems like you trade a lot, Can I ask if you trade in just a few shares or do you have a wider reach. I see you follow Gold :)

Leads to another question

What types of things do people invest on this site in
Stocks, Bonds, Funds
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Mainly ETF's and currencies for me although I do trade in very specific sectors such as telecoms and precious metals where I feel I have a good understanding of the industries.

I probably do a trade or two a day. Most of my trades are short except for metals where I have long positions in GLD and SVM:TOR. With the current financial mess the world is in, I don't believe stock market long positions to be healthy for any portfolio. I have also invested SLV:pCQ alongside junior miners, that were I believe the big money to be (along with the highest risk).

The only bonds I bought recently where in Dubai when there was foolish talk of them going belly-up, with the interest rates on offer they were far too tasty to turn down.