internet via dongle and satellite


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Jul 9, 2010
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Hello everyone. I am a newcomer to satellite stuff and the forum. Please be patient.

I understand there are now usb dongles for internet access that use a satellite to accomplish the connection. Would this mean it would still work if I bought it in U.K. and went to southern France for a holiday? What if I went to say Egypt. Would the ISP even care where I was?
The only USB satellite options I have seen are where you can connect a satellite handset to your pc.

Or are you talking about USB 3G modem. In which case coverage is dependant on location. France and Egypt should not be an issue.

As a guide, O2 roaming charges inside EU are £3 per mb, outside EU is £8 per mb.
:nopity: Ouch! I hope £3 per 1 Gb? If £3 per 1 Mb then Ouch! again.
Thanks for the info zad oneman.
Thanks for the info said one man.
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