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Sep 18, 2004
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Hi folks,

Im trying to find some software that I can install on my workers machines, I need to be able to remotely connect to the PC and see the files they have downloaded, etc... I keep having to re-install their PC's as they keep messing them up and downloading porn and blaming each other :)

Ive looked into Remote Desktop Spy by it seems to have all the features im looking for, stealth etc and allows me to explore the hard drive from home, however the problem is I cant seem to get it to work, lol :) I have tried everything and I cant seem to connect to the computers which are running the agent... I have checked the firewall, port forwarding etc and I still cant seem to connect to the PC

Was just wondering if anyone has any ideas of any other similar software please??? I dont think this software even does what I needed, I just want a spy file explorer that lets me view all the files on the PC, download and delete them remotely???

Thank You :)
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Feb 7, 2006
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If this is at work then I would assume you are on a network, if you are then its pretty easy.
But this problem has so many directions to go in......

Is it on a network? how many staff? do they have login accounts (Active Directory?) etc etc.......

I will say, if they dont have login accounts, your screwed. As there would be no proof who downloaded what, unless you take the time the files were downloaded and cross-ref it with security camera footage of who was there at that time. even then its shaky evidence.

Confusing this is isnt it, lol

It shouldnt be your job to delete the files.
your job should be to stop the files getting there in the first place. Therfore, restricting accounts would be my first step (if they have accounts that is)!

How about a firewall, to stop them getting to sites of an adult nature.

I know what your thinking, all this is of no help at all.......... but it is a tough situation to take care of.

EDIT: if you are on a network, then just go to 'Start', 'Run' and type \\\c$
(obviously changing that IP address to the IP that you want to connect to. If yuo know the pc's computer name, you can put that there instead ie \\mydeskpc\c$
You will then be connected to their files and do whatever you want to them
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