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Aug 23, 2001
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i have just installed a new modem i got it from my sister who got it from wanadoo the modem is working fine but i had to install the driver for it from wanadoos cd it auto installed wanadoo crap now i have wanadoo crap in my internet explorer now internet explorer wont open websites i cant even get windows update page to open when i put a web address in the toolbar search it just wont open the webpage ? I have unistalled wanadoos toolbar from my addremove but it still wont open webpages can anyone tell me how i can get my internet back to the way it was ? ps even when i open search in windows to look for a file in my pc it opens but there is no search box to type in ? hope someone can help me its driving me nuts many thanks ps it will open webpages in my fav ok i have allways used wanadoo as my homepage for years but even that does not show the whole webpage ?
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that's a tough one, one strange stuff going on there, check add remove for any wanado, check internet options/connections and maybe install firefox, it's quicker anyway.
I would only do a system restore as a very last resort, someone on here will give you the answer, lone gunman seems very knowlegable

good luck
Most likely IE connection settings is set to your 'old' modem settings.
When you installed 'modem', I assume your reffering to a DSL Speedtouch jobbie? How did you used to connect to the outside world?? If you look in Dial-up connections, you'll most likely have two dial-ups..Your old one & your new one, note the name of the new one, open Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, connections, select your 'new' connection, set as default (if not already done) and select always dial my default connection, apply, ok & close IE. Try re-opening IE and see if that sorts your problems..:)
done the above

done the above still not helped what it is when i installed the new driver for the new modem as soon as i put the cd in it started to install all wanadoos crap i did uninstall wandoo from my search bar in internet explorer but i still have a small wannado icon in the corner of IE plus icant get windows search to open right if i could get that open i would search my pc for wanadoo stuff & get rid of it from my pc . Anymore advice would be great . ps what i think has happend is that my IE is now corrupt when to get another off the net but when i try to download it it say you have the latest version & wont download it . can anyone tell me how i get on windows update useing firefox browser page coss when i go on that it says i need window ie ????????
did you uninstall all the wanadoo software from the add / remove program list in the control panel ?

Or did you just delete all the wanadoo files found using search ?

I thnk at this point you would be better doing a system restore to try and correct the problem created by the wanadoo software.
Hmmm..having re-read your last post, I think I'd agree with Cailean, a system restore might be a good idea.
Then, before you do anything install the drivers for your 'new' modem..As I asked, is it a speedtouch jobbie? Identify which model & download from HERE, then attach the modem and do the set-up, without running the wannado disc:)

Have fun
just to say thanks

thanks for all the help i would like to say thanks for that link got the driver for the modem but will have to format the pc as it wont even restore back . That wanadoo shxxt has fuxxcked my pc up well & good but i can now install this new modem & its driver on its own now without all that wanadoo crap will be back as soon as i get up & running again thanks . ps what a pain
its the same with all those products they like to tie u in, i remember a few years ago a people i know tried aol and freeserve (now wanadoo) they all had a job getting rid of both products off their pc's even going through the remove/add route. its into the registry for lots of it, cr*p software !!!!

firefox u cant get win update the same way as u do with ie u have to go to the ms site and download individually each update as it comes out :( i only use ie for this task.
thanks discodave & all above

thanks for all your help have now removed the wanadoo spinning search icon thanks god lol . Ps that wanadoo sticks to your hd like shit did try to install that modem driver on its own from that website but it would not install it said it was an upgrade & could not find the old modem driver so had to use wanadoos cd again then went to addremove & uninstalled wanadoos crap form the toolbar but still had wanadoo spinning search icon thanks discodave for that website that has now removed it take care all