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Interesting repair of Zgemma SH1

Discussion in 'Zgemma Receivers' started by Kips, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Kips

    Kips Member


    only works with the FTA channels

    Fix -

    Easy needs line? cam restart? no internet? reimage? maybe not

    Tried -

    1)3 reimages VIX / openATV / OpenPLI images currently iPABTV after recommendation on here
    2) Tried 2 different lines at 2 different locations lines work on other boxes (Vu+ solo /duo)at both locations
    3) mgcamd versions 1.35a / 1.38-various currently r1
    4) Network all ok tests fine set to dhcp and i can watch a stream on it
    5) I can see the EMC cw0/cw1 info updating every few seconds can also login to a website and check details all seems fine
    6) Rebooted device and router
    7) Copied over newcamd.list file numerous times into correct location usr/keys

    running out of ideas? try it on cable instead? any suggestions?
  2. Ferret

    Ferret Administrator Staff Member

    Post the text of your mg_cfg
  3. Kips

    Kips Member

    ahhhh yes sorted! thank you!
  4. IANB

    IANB VIP Member

    Care to share how you fixed it?
  5. Kips

    Kips Member

    Well strangely the mg_cfg file supplied by the vendor which worked fine in the Vu+ boxes just doesn't like working in the zgemma's, i remembered a friend had the same issue on his awhile back and i sent a generic mg_cfg file i just downloaded.

    Soon as the file was in and cam restarted it worked fine - i still notice that when channels are switched over i have to restart the cam every time to get it to work? im guessing the mg_cfg file still need tweaking? ill do some more research, as that also happens on a vu+ someone else has.

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