installing VLC and Mplayer on linux


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Jul 28, 2005
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Can't take the credit for this guide as i got it from someone i know on another site. But it does work.

first off download the zip files

1) One includes all of the RPM files that I personally needed to get rid of all of the dependencies.
2) The other includes a replacement yum.conf file to be placed into /etc under the file system (Make sure you're root when you do this, also make sure you backup your original yum.conf)

Simple (somewhat) directions:
1) Replace yum.conf with included yum.conf. This adds a few new servers to your database (they point to yellow dog linux 4.0 servers though, so remember that in a few weeks or whenever freshrpms updates so you can modify the files again)
2) Go into your terminal and type these commands as root (or type su to gain root privileges):

rpm --import

rpm --import

3) Ok, now for the confusing and possibly frustrating part. As I said I'm new to Linux so I had no really great way to do this. What I did was randomly click the RPM files and move them to another directory as they successfully installed, if I received a dependency error, I'd find the file that I needed and go to install that one. It doesn't take too long.
4) Finally, install the VLC included in this package.

I've been able to play every mp3, xvid, divx, mpeg, etc that I have thrown at this. Also remember the tip that the first poster mentioned (start up YDL in the gnome interface or else VLC isn't going to show up under applications).

Here's the link to the videolan client you need to install, and my packages are attached below.

when your logining in as admin

username = root
Password = the password you provided when you installed YDL

also make sure when playing your files that it's in the gnome interface as VLC will crash.

The smaller zip file has an updated yum file which maybe needed if so the following steps can be taken to install it.

-download the zip file here and use archive manager to extract it to /etc/yum.repos.d . You'll need to set the directory as it will try to download to the desktop.
-open teminal and type "yum update"
-then type "yum install videolan-client" in terminal.
-you can also type "yum install unrar"

installing Mplayer

STEP 1: Download mplayer and essential codecs, save them (do not unpack them) in Desktop or other folder under root

Under the main program, download: MPlayer-1.0rc1.tar.bz2

Under the Codecs download: essential-ppc-20061022.tar.bz2

Under Skins download: Blue-1.7.tar.bz2

STEP 2: open a terminal / shell session, first unpack and compile mplayer - copy paste all below to the terminal window
cd `find /root -iregex .*mplayer[^/]*tar.* | perl -ne 's/(^.*)\/.*$/$1/; print;'`
tar -xvf `ls | grep -i mplayer | grep -i ".tar."`
cd `ls | grep -i mplayer | grep -v ".tar."`
./configure --enable-gui

STEP 3: copy paste all below to the terminal window (this will take awhile as it compile the source files)
make install

STEP 4: this will unpack and move codec to /usr/local/lib/codecs
cd `find /root -iregex .*essential[^/]*tar.* | perl -ne 's/(^.*)\/.*$/$1/; print;'`
tar -xvf `ls | grep -i essential | grep -i ".tar."`
mv `ls | grep -i mplayer | grep -v ".tar."` /usr/local/lib/codecs

STEP 5: unpack Blue-1.7.tar.bz2 and copy to /usr/local/share/mplayer/skin/default (you may need to create "default" folder)

STEP 6: type mplayer <filename> or gmplayer (gui version)