Installing emu


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Nov 13, 2005
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I am now trying to get a Neutrino image to work, having given up on the Gemini ones. The image works onj the box ok but has no Evocamd installed.
Tried using Emu Installer but it wont work. Fails near the end of the install.
Can anyone tell me how to install Evocamd?
Try using the uk modded image, that has already been posted in the dreambox download section.
flash it to your box using Flash wizard pro, and you might be surprised as to what it contains!!!
If thats the Gemini image I have tried to load it. I cant get it to flash onto my box. Dont know why but it just wont go.

Keys directory: /var/keys - Autoupdate.Key & Keylist.txt
Program files: /var/bin - evocamd
Config files: /var/keys - camd_cfg
AU files: /var/keys - Autoupdate.Key, /var/scce/ - nagraepr3.bin, nagraepr7.bin, nagraepr10.bin, nagraepr11.bin, nagraram3.bin, nagraram7.bin, nagraram10.bin, nagraram11.bin, nagrarom3ext.bin

hope this helps ypu a little, if you are still going to use the evocamd55 emu!
there is no modded neutrino uk image in the downloads. just the gemini image. i'm after a neutrino image aswell