Installation of TTN.CAB was unsuccessful


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Jan 25, 2006
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Slow and hanging TT6 SPV M3100

Bit stuck with this.
I have an SPV M3100 running Windows Mobile 5.
I have copies of TomTom 6.03 from various sources.
With all of them I get the above error when installing the cab file.

Any ideas? I have tried installing it to the device and to the memory card. Plenty of room on both.

EDIT: Did a hard reset and it installed.

Having major problems with this now. Seems to hang randomly around the menus and when entering a place name. Entering a place name gets slower by each letter and usually hangs after the 3rd or 4th letter. Can't find anything useful elsewhere about this problem. Might try version 5 and see if that works any better.
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How much free space do you have left in your device and memory card?
Currently 17.7MB storage and 25.36MB Program. Storage card 1.4GB.
Also tried a full reset and installing just tomtom.