Install of TomTom7 on cheap Chinese WinCE 6 system


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Jan 23, 2017
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I've recently purchased a nice stereo from ebay

Mainly for the Bluetooth,but also it looked better than the old one which had a CD stuck in it since I bought the car.
It comes with GPS and so I used an SD card with TomTom 7 on it.
All good so far, installed the SD card, went to NAVI window, and in settings told it where the TomTom.exe file was.
The installation began, then stopped when it said it couldnt find the maps, and would I like to download.
This system does not have wifi, or any means of communicating with the web, so I tried no, but it states can't find the maps. So I clicked Yes, and it comes up with a small windows error, "cant find explorer" and crashes.
Since then, I've been told should have used IGo Primo, (shoulda, woulda coulda)

This is now where the problem is - it now ONLY looks for the TomTom software when I click Navigation.
  • I've tried resetting. - No
  • Tried switch to default settings - No
  • I've tried disconnecting - No
  • There's no file explorer to install anything else
When I remove the SD card, the system just freezes on the navigation screen, so I can't press settings and tell it to install from somewhere new or to install something else.
Trying to contact the seller has proved useless, as I left feedback when I installed the system and everything was OK, now they're ignoring any questions.

The rest of the system works fine, just the satnav!

So, I need either one of two things (or both)
Knowing how to uninstall TomTom Or where to put the maps on the SD card, so TomTom knows they're there.

Any help greatly appreciated