infinity usb- write ext EEprom (verify error)


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Oct 6, 2005
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hi peeps..have a nagging problem with my infinity usb unlimited proggy. put in a fun4 card, tried to erase it but comes up with....write ext EEprom (verify error) in red writing. have tried 2 other fun4cards that i have and comes up with the same error.
had this problem before, but cant remember what i did to sort it out....have any peeps had this prob????
normally its due to a faulty card

happened to me a few times just send cards back to ur supplier and u should get replacements

i did
thanx for the help peeps...problem sorted. set the proggy to autodetect, which automatically erased the epprom, i then took autodetect off and that did the job...the proggy is reading and writing the epprom now :eater:
good to know as i've had that problem with mine b4 cheers fella!