Industrial extraction unit advice.


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Jun 19, 2010
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Hi all,

Im lost for a forum to post this on, so i thought this might be the best place?(feel free to PM me/link me to a forum that specalizes/has people with more knowledge in this area)

Im a 22 male from hertfordshire, UK, and own a nightclub promotion company that puts on A LOT of foam partys in the area.

My question is in regards to the cleaning up of the foam post party...

I was thinking of using a LARGE fan unit used in backwards to "suck" the foam down piping and throw it out the back(the fan unit will be situated outside)

are there any people with knowlege in this area that could give me advice on if this is do-able?(will there be enough vacume? is there a better solution?)

i think im also going to need a fan/extractor that is capable of handing dampness(the foam is pretty much dry, but does has a small bit of "dampness" to it, obviously after passing that amount of foam, the "dampness" will soon become "wetness" hehe.

I hope somone is able to help, i am aware this is a bit of a stab in the dark. but at present, im not sure where i could go for this kind of advice....

Many Thanks

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Apr 20, 2009
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Your best option is to get some silicon defoamer mix with water in a large garden spray and kill the foam. Your idea will not create enough suction and will destroy the fan motor. A local carpet cleaner with a hot water extraction machine may be interested in the final clean up. Sounds like a fun job you have. post some pictures of the nubile ladies in the foam! good luck :banana: