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Aug 16, 2005
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Berks Pure NTHell
Hi all
There seems to be a lot of images floating arround
The real question seems to be which 1 to use
Ive added some from posted by davidh to my tut here
But i personally am using a benny59 image b01
I have also seen a few people
insisting that the images done by someone from another forum are best
see here
The only time i have problems is when theres an error on writing
My question is which is best sometimes the bd keys arent changed
Sometimes they are but the advantage i can see is in benny59s and davidh
is that if they are changed its easy to rem
So in conclusion whos r the best as i wish to update the tut if necessary
By the way i did alter the ones in tut to remove the press red bar
:Cheers: :Cheers: :Cheers: