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May 19, 2005
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Can someone help me with the settings needed for IFA, I have flashed boxes in the past without a null modem with no problem,
unfortunately the current 'premiere' loaded box won't flash!!

But i remember having to change a setting withing the pop up options (top left) Unfortunately the laptop has just run out of battery so i'm a bit vague - it's the option for choosing the com port and pcboot

Any ideas would be great

leefield said:
is the box in debug mode?

Yes Definately - it loads with the square's and then all the numbers, i've flashed premiere boxes before using ifa so it does work
well on my ifa i use version 2.0 is the 3rd box down and select no or nien and that should work. but i'd recommend bying a null modem cable as it might not be flashing for a number of reasons and the only way to check is via the flash log in the com terminal which you need a cable to view
I'll give it a try