i think this is a scam

dont do it it"ll hurt

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Nov 16, 2006
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in a house
i cannot start a thread in the scam section so i put it here sure some one will move if need to
the wife received a text message saying

Mobil connections blowout:
classic nokia 6230i free for 12 months plus a second phone totally free for full 18 mths including 1200 Min's + 800 texts reply by text or phoning 0800 877891
message received from o77 86202189

thinking this was too good to be true i had the wife phone the 0800 number as it is free and low and behold the number is not recognised and i did not phone or text the mobile as i think it will be 1.50 per min and i ain't that daft so if u receive this text message then be very careful peeps
this may be genuine but i think this is a scam and will cost u money to find it is bulls..t
most likley a scam mate to get you to ring the premium rate number.....alot of this goes on today