I think I've sucessfully cloned an Ambit 120 - now what?


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Aug 8, 2005
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I think I've managed to change the MAC address on a Ambit 120.
I've split the ntl feed, and connected it to the new modem, and it seems to have booted up OK.

The modem is ocnnected through USB, so now my network connections in Win XP shows both my regular (subbed) modem on ethernet and the cloned one on USB.

How do I now:
1. check that the new modem is actually working
2. and I need to install Wingate in order to use both at the same time, right?


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Mar 30, 2005
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I used both midpoint and wingate and uninstalled both.
It sounded lovely in the tut i found and now and then you find a post that says I'm downloading at twice the speed.
You always got to remeber just cos someone says something?
It don't make it true!!!!
Especially on a site like this!!
It's all dogy,so the information could be dogy as well.
Like that pin 11 b*ll*cks!
Although i used to shut down wingate i would still find it in task manager running a 99% of my cpu(git!).
I never really tested the download speed ,because a soon as i got into cloning modems i stopped downloading stuff!!
Learning this took up all my time.
But one thing that happened without doing anything was i was uploading on bittorrent at 60KB/s .
That ws on one mid and cloned high ambit.
It just happend,but i could never make it happen.sometimes it would and sometimes it would'nt.
No-one has been able to explain how or why it did this as yet?