I need PS1 Final Fantasy 7 file help


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Jun 15, 2005
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I need PSX Final Fantasy 7 file help

Well, I've been playing this game on the PSP for sometime now and of course, there are 3 discs to the game which means 3 separate PSP Rom files. I have now reached the end of the first disc, saved my game and it tells me to swap discs. I presume I can press the home button now and load up file 2 that I had already put onto my memory stick. When that file is loaded, I go to continue to load my progress from the first disc but my saved game is not there anymore but the strange thing is that when I check back, my saved game is there.

Can anyone help me on this matter. What is more fustrating is that I've been playing this damm game for 26+hours in total (and am a little addicted!)
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hi mate

to swap disc's with ps1 games each disc must have the same game ID and the folders named in a certain way, like SCUS_94163 and so on. if the game ID is wrong on each disc then the saved data wont work.

there is a tutorial on psp-hacks: swappind disc's and game save tutorial
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Thanks Kryton.

I've solved my own problem now. It appears that this is the number 1 main FF7 problem out there and unsolveable (until now) - some type of glich. If your reading this and your copy of FF7 is fine then good for you but I want to explain to the rest of the people who may experiance this how I solved it:

Firstly, Back up your saved game data on your computer (that way, if anything goes wrong, it is reversable). The problem was, although all CDs had the same game i.d as my savedData i.e SCUS 94476, I could not find my saved game on CD2. I noticed that another saveddata file was created (I know this because I have only ever played one PSX game and now there was 2 SCUS files. This one was labeled SCUS94163. After an hour of moving files back and forth by trial and error, I figured out that CD2 read from this new file and since all of the saved data was in the original SCUS94476 folder, I simplied copied the contents into the newly created folder overwriting everything. This worked for me and that is why I say back up your original savedData - Just incase this didn't work.

I hoped this helped or will help someone else but me although I am glad I can continue :)
wow that took some reading after a beer or 2 *HIC*

but i understand what your saying, i think lol.

but good you figured it out .
26 hours for 1 disc? well i guess the rest of the week will keep you busy ;)
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