I can't get my motor to search other satelites



I have bought Technomate 1500CI+ with a DiSEqC 1.2 motor, 85cm dish, Single universal LMB 0.3db. I put a dish up my self for the first time and got a signal from astra 1 satelite, set the box using USALs but it doesnt seem to move over to other satelites when i scan for more. I cannot be bothered to spend more time on it and wondering if there is a technician who would do it for me for a reasonable price. (if theres such thing) I live in east london and can only be free sunday, Please only leave me a message to say you can do it sunday and how much you will charge me and i will get back to you asap. Thanks
When i put it on 1.2 it does the same other then you can manually move it west or east on the menu, and when i do i still cant pick up other channels.
I tried my best im fed up just want someone to do it for me.