Hardware HP Display gives no signal message

Oct 13, 2016

I have a really wierd problem with a HP Pavilion w2558hc which nobody has an answer to at the moment so I`m hoping to find some help here.

The problem is that my HP Pavilion w2558hc gives no signal message and from the moment I power up the pc(no boot screen even so it`s surely not a Windows problem, i even tried with no windows installed).
The wierd part is that any other display works on my PC and the HP display works on 2 other systems where I tryed it.
Even wierder is that if I start my PC with another monitor conected and then I take out the cable from that monitor and plug it in my HP monitor the HP also works...untill the first restart.

Also wierd is that the problem started on my PC and then continued even after I changed every component of my PC( I initialy had a Pegasus motherboard with and Intel Q9400 CPU and GTS 450 GPU with a stick PSU, I now have an ASUS H110 K motherboard, a i5 6400 CPU and a r9 380x GPU with a seasonic 650 PSU) and it still has the same problem. I simply cannot understand how the problem caried from one system to the other(that have nothing in common) but it works on other systems.

Another wierd thign is that when I connect the HP monitor while having another monitor connected as primary the PC recognises the HP monitor and gives me the options to go dual screen(such as clone display or extend display) but the HP still shows no signal.

I tryed connecting it with 3 DVI cables(I tried both DVI-I and DVI - D variants), an HDMI cable and VGA cables with DVI adaptors(it has no VGA imput) and still dose not work(the cables are all working well on other displays)

This is driving me nuts and I cant seem to find any logic to it. Anyone have any ideas?
Oct 23, 2016
Well, you've found 2 systems it doesn't work on, as you've literally replaced every part in the PC, making it a new, second system...

What graphics cards exist in the other machines it does work on, is it a graphics vendor specific compatibility issue? seeing as it is DVI, there's got to be some weird compatibility issues somewhere.

Also, This sounds really stupid, but believe me, in my job, I see it all the time... Does the case prevent the cable from inserting fully into the GFX card? Have you tried it with your parts outside of the case or in a different one?